What are CBD’s and why do we want them? : CBD 101

CBD brands are setting the industry standard for design, branding and packaging.

CBD (and THC) affect a part of our body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a biological system of neurotransmitters that directly communicates with other major bodily systems (gastrointestinal, immune, etc.) to help keep the body humming along at a healthy and balanced clip. CBD (and other cannibinoids) bind with the the ECS’s receptors, and in the process provide immense benefits to the human body ranging from anxiety relief, sleep aid, and the lowering of blood pressure to inflammation reduction.

The CBD used by many of the companies in New York and other states that haven’t fully legalized cannabis, is extracted from the hemp plant, a plant with a different designation than cannabis(I know, confusing), but in either case, CBD on its own does not, get a person “high” or “stoned.” In some cases it actually works to relieve some of the anxiety associated with THC.

Some CBD brands opt for a more pharmaceutical branding style.

Due to hemp-based CBD’s lack of psychoactive side-effects, its less daunting legal status, and the slow legalization of cannabis across America, there’s been a boom of CBD products in the last five years. Gummies, oils, skin care products, infused-coconut butter, honey, bath bombs — the list of products — and the high-end media and retails outlets who support them — goes on and on. Even better, hemp CBD is legal (to varying degrees) in all 50 states, so you can purchase CBD products via the wonders of the internet or if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the states with fully legalized cannabis, the cannabis based CBD, in the dispensary of your choice.

With seemingly boundless positive health benefits and a bevy of ways in which to use CBD, this is a product I’ll be permanently adding to my pantry.



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Carolyn Kissick

Carolyn Kissick

Emerging markets specialist, producer, and writer. Thought leader in Tequila, cannabis, & immersive experiences. @carolynalia